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Assisting the harmonious development of enterprises through "pulse checking and consultation"

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  In order to further strengthen the construction of the company's rule of law and improve the standardization level of the rule of law,on January 15,2021,City Pharmaceutical invited the intellectual property trial team of the People's Court of Yuhui District,Bengbu City,members of the Court's Judicial Committee Nie Hongmei,Vice President Jiang Tao,and Judge Zhang Xingchen to come to the company for legal examination and consultation.

  The delegation led by Nie Hongmei provided relevant opinions and suggestions on the possible legal risks and standardized implementation of the company,including the signing of foreign trade contracts,protection of intellectual property rights,and labor standards.They provided effective solutions for the enterprise based on specific circumstances.

  Vice President Jiang Tao pointed out that as an enterprise specializing in foreign trade business,it is necessary to pay attention to three aspects.Firstly,there must be standardized and detailed contracts in foreign trade transactions.Secondly,when dealing with foreign enterprises,it is important to pay attention to their qualifications.Third,when signing a foreign trade contract,we must pay attention to the choice of Proper law in the conflict,and we must choose the Proper law that is beneficial to the company.

  Nie Hongmei emphasized that as a pharmaceutical production enterprise,we must pay attention to trademark protection and actively apply for our own company's trademark.Be sure to pay attention to the"integrity"protection of trademarks,and be sure to pay attention to whether some foreign merchants have engaged in rush registration of trademarks.

  After the legal education class,the judges had in-depth and detailed communication with the company's employees,and provided detailed answers to the legal issues encountered by the company's leaders and trainees in their work.

  Participants in the training expressed that this specialized guidance and training not only filled the legal loopholes in relevant aspects,but also provided targeted legal advice,which can help us better avoid risks and reduce losses.We greatly welcome such physical examinations,which can help us find"lesions"and timely"treat"diseases.

  Through this legal examination and legal education,the company has gained a better understanding of the legal issues that it needs to pay attention to in production and operation;This has enabled employees to have a clearer understanding of the importance of production in accordance with the law,built a legal defense line in their thinking,and enabled the company to promptly identify its own hidden dangers before legal issues occur.It has promoted the standardization of corporate governance in accordance with the law,effectively prevented and controlled risks,and laid a solid foundation for the future development of the company and production of the enterprise.Similar activities,the urban pharmaceutical industry will continue to deepen and sustain,using the concept of rule of law to assist the company's development.

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