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Chengshi Pharmaceutical Initial results in implementing 6S management

2023/5/29     Viewed:    
  In order to improve the production and working environment and further improve the management level,the city pharmaceutical industry began to focus on implementing 6S management.After a period of steady progress,the workplace is now clean,tidy,orderly,and safe,and work efficiency has significantly improved.

  In this event,Urban Pharmaceutical started with full staff training,hired professionals to explain the content of 6S management,clarified the significance and requirements of the event,and continuously improved everyone's ideological and theoretical understanding.At the same time,relevant personnel are also organized to visit and learn from major enterprises,learn from experience,continuously improve their management model,and align with higher goals.On this basis,a detailed 6S work plan has been formulated to clarify the division of responsibilities and ensure the smooth and orderly implementation of the work.

  In order to carry out this work thoroughly and without going through motions,the company leaders go deep into the site every day to search for problems and not miss any blind spots.For areas on site that do not meet the requirements,timely formulate rectification plans,immediately organize actions to implement them,step by step,and carry out work solidly.Firstly,the workshop,ground,equipment,products,and items were partitioned,marked,identified,and positioned.Then,waste and waste materials were removed from the workshop,framework,and warehouse,and the workshop items were standardized and organized.Afterwards,customized management was implemented in the production workshop,with zoning and positioning,clear identification,classification and placement.

  Through continuous efforts from all levels of the company,we have achieved classified placement,clear identification and positioning,and a clean,tidy,orderly,and safe workplace.More importantly,it has streamlined the work order,changed employees'bad habits,ensured their work safety,and provided necessary conditions for employees to operate according to procedural standards.

  The next step of the company will continue to optimize the organization and refine measures,effectively implement the idea of seeking benefits from management,strengthen 6S promotion,consolidate 6S achievements,deepen 6S management,turn 6S management into a good habit of employees'internal consciousness and continuous action,enable employees to benefit from transformation in work and life,improve enterprise management level,and promote high-quality development of the enterprise.

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