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Fully promote consistency evaluation work and focus on creating new profit growth points

2023/5/29     Viewed:    
  In order to further enhance the company's technical strength and core competitiveness in the field of preparations,on October 25,2020,Urban Pharmaceutical signed a"Technology Development(Entrustment)Contract"with Guangzhou Boji Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.for dexamethasone sodium phosphate injection.This marks the official launch of the evaluation of injection consistency in batches by the urban pharmaceutical industry,involving multiple products.

  The barriers and difficulties in evaluating the consistency of injections are higher than those of oral solid preparations.From the perspective of drug quality,the consistency evaluation of injections will drive the upgrading of product quality and better ensure the safety of public medication.The launch of injection consistency evaluation by the urban pharmaceutical industry helps to seize the market opportunity in the injection market and expand the company's competitive advantage in domestic and foreign trade.

  After passing this consistency evaluation,the company will enjoy the relevant policies of consistency evaluation(priority procurement rights,variety pricing,etc.),further enhancing the company's technical strength and core competitiveness in the field of formulations,and adding new profit growth points.

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