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Our company's raw materials will obtain another important market country access permit

2023/5/29     Viewed:    

  With the rapid development of the Indian pharmaceutical industry,the Indian pharmaceutical market has become an important component of the international pharmaceutical market.In order to enter the Indian market as soon as possible,our company reached a cooperation intention and signed a cooperation agreement with Indian pharmaceutical industry giant Anantco Enterprises Pvt Ltd at the end of 2018,intending to jointly develop the Indian pharmaceutical market.Subsequently,our company's registration team fully followed up on the registration work of relevant varieties.After a year and a half of effort,we completed the final round of responses to questions about DCGI in India in mid December 2020.From the communication between Anantco Enterprises Pvt Ltd and Indian DCGI,we learned that our company's enhanced Procaine penicillin,penicillin sodium,benzathine penicillin and Procaine penicillin have passed the audit and will soon obtain the registration certificate issued by Indian DCGI.At that time,our company will open up another important market.

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