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What are the main components of capsules? How are capsules made?

2023/5/19     Viewed:    
  In medicine,it refers to a sac-shaped substance made of special film-forming materials(such as gelatin,cellulose,polysaccharides,etc.),which is loaded into the contents(such as various drugs in powder or liquid form)according to the dosage,making it easy to swallow.The materials that make up the capsule shell are gelatin,glycerol,water,and other medicinal materials,but the proportions of each component are different and the preparation methods are also different.

  Generally,gelatin is used as the main raw material for capsules.Sometimes,methyl cellulose,Alginic acid,denatured gelatin,PVA and other polymer materials are also used to change the solubility of capsules or achieve the purpose of enteric dissolution.

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