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Dong Jiahong, academician of the CAE Member: The application of radionuclide drugs, mobile devices and Digital health in communities has great development potential

2023/5/29     Viewed:    
  Titanium Media App reported on May 28 that Dong Jiahong,an academician of the CAE Member and dean of the Clinical Medical School of Tsinghua University,said in the sixth 50 people forum on China's medical and health industry investment held by Changfa,as a clinician,I value the following cutting-edge scientific and technological directions,one is the innovation of new drugs,not only small molecule drug targeting drugs,but also nuclide drugs.The second is digital manufacturing,such as 3D printing manufacturing,how to improve performance and efficiency of various mobile devices through digital upgrades.The third is Digital health.In addition to the recent popularity of ChatGPT big model artificial intelligence,the application potential of intelligent health technology in community health care is very great.
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